Sports Are Big In Dallas Texas

Is a trip to the state of Texas in your future? They say everything is bigger in Texas, but whether or not this is true, the state certainly has a lot to offer, especially if you’re a big sports fan. The state is well-known for many popular teams located there and below you’ll learn about a few of them.

Dallas is a huge city in Texas, and is home to just under 1 1/2 million people. Many of these people are crazy about sports, which helps explain the number of professional sporting teams located in the city.

The Dallas Cowboys are referred to as America’s team. This national football league franchise is located obviously in Dallas. It is one of the NFL’s original teams, and has experienced much success over the years, appropriately earning it the title of America’s team. Of course, the popularity of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders doesn’t hurt.

Dallas also has an NBA basketball team called the Dallas Mavericks. Homes by Mark Cuban, the Mavericks had quite a bit of success a few years ago, making it to the NBA championship finals a few times while just missing out in other years. They haven’t had quite that level of success recently, but catching a Maverick’s basketball game is still a popular thing to do in Dallas.

Oddly enough, Dallas doesn’t have a major-league baseball team. Even more odd, they do have an NHL hockey team. When the NHL first began and as recently as the last 10 to 15 years, hockey teams located in southern and warmer states was pretty much unheard of. That’s not the case today. The NHL calls many warm climate locations home these days, including Dallas Texas where the Dallas stars make their home.

The Dallas Stars were originally located in Minnesota and will call the Minnesota North Stars. The franchise abandoned Minnesota in 1993 with their move to Dallas. they experienced quite a bit of success shortly after the move, winning an NHL championship in 1999. Since then, the team has been in a long drought and has an add another championship since.

Dallas is just one of many cities located in the state of Texas. The city has a lot to offer for folks living there or visiting, especially for those in the sports. If you ever find yourself in the Dallas Texas area, consider taking in a game at one of these professional sports are